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As well as being an avid windsurfer and sailor, Joseph K. Waltenbaugh is also an experienced cruiser, having traveled on countless ships under the insignias of many different cruise lines. He uses that experience to craft a murder mystery aboard a fictional cruise ship sailing the Caribbean, one having the hallmarks of a famous liner no longer in service, a grand and elegant ship that will become instantly recognizable to those having strolled her teak decks, experiencing her charms and sampling her many delights.
By restricting the length of the work, the author has written the perfect sailing companion for a cruising traveler, enabling the reader to complete the book in a few days without missing a port-of-call or any of the shipboard activities.

The author's complete biography is contained on his author's page at Amazon.com. Click here to visit the page.

More information is available on the author's website at www.waltenbaugh.net.

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